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Printmaking is the most versatile and experimental of mediums.  I like to work in all techniques: collagraph; drypoint; linocut; monoprint and solar plate etching, and I like to combine them as shown below.  

raven's call cropped.jpg

Raven's Call. Drypoint and collagraph

Short eared owl

Intaglio drypoint and collagraph edition of 5

fighting seagulls.jpg

Fable of the fox and the crow

Intaglio drypoint

field fare final cropped.jpg
shaman women monoprint.jpg
shack monoprint.jpg
Rock Hoppers for website.jpg

Rockhoppers. Collagraph and gold paint.

The forest

Intaglio drypoint.   Collaboration with Ben White

Catch of the day.jpg
jaguar linocut.jpg
bodiam crows.jpg
mirror test.jpg
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