The Raven.  Collagraph, varied edition of 10.

Welcome to my web site.  I am an artist and printmaker based in Hastings, East Sussex. 


In this site you will find a selection of my work, ranging from intaglio drypoints, linocuts, collagraphs, charcoal drawings and finely detailed coloured pencil drawings.  I am a wildlife artist and am particularly interested in wildlife persecution and habitat destruction, especially as they relate to birds of prey and corvids.  The raptors are among the fastest creatures on earth and their senses are highly accute.  The corvids (crows, magpies, ravens, rooks, etc.) are exceptionally intelligent and self-aware.  Both groups are persecuted relentlessly due to their ability to compete with humans.   I love all birds and my work often features them in mythological and fabled situations.

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